Do the Duffel

9 Oct

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As you begin to travel more (passport recommended) you’ll begin to notice that backpacks can get old, bothersome, and burdensome on ones back. Not that the timeless piece would every go out of style or functionality but sometimes you just need a change.

And what better to change to than the Duffle bag?! If your money doesn’t stretch far enough to purchase one of the designer Duffles you see in the slide-show or you’re like me and want to go cheap first to see if it suits you, Urban Outfitters and H&M are one of the few stores who have great quality, stylish, and affordable duffle bags to get you on your way.

To those in transition from fly & flashy to grown & sophisticated, i urge you young jetsetters to purchase a duffle bag. And to add even more flare for your individuality, tie your choice scarf, bandana, or shemagh around one of the bag’s handles. You may never go back!

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