Jamie Residence

9 Oct

The Jamie Residence aka “the Floating House” (builit in 2001) is one of my favorite pieces of architecture crafted to date. Although small (3 bedrooms, 2 bath, living room, kitchen, and dining area) it embodies everything i love about architecture: clean lines, minimalist style, multi-functionality, and a consistant flow throughout the house. It also reaches beyond it’s full capability in engineering with the space and landscape given. In my humble and honest opinion, this house is ingenious. 1.5 million dollars ingenious. View the Jamie Residence

Two 84 foot long steel beams span two concrete towers, lofting the 2000 square foot single family house above a steeply sloping hillside lot in Pasadena, California. The structural solution provides an economy of engineering, while minimizing the ecological impact of the building on the natural topography and landscape. Volumes containing storage and utility functions seperate and define the living spaces. The largest volume, a garage placed at the center of the house, seperates the parents and family zones while leaving the perimeter rooms opent to views. The more public spaces (living, dining, outdoor deck, kitchen, and family room) are all interconnected, forming one continuous 84 foot long space with 180 degree views of the cityscape below and mountains beyond. The entire building, including the underside, is clad in a standard-sized cement board panel system.


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