17 Oct

It’s nothing major but it is cool to see my first pro basketball featured article on the internet. is your one stop shop to anything basketball in the world. If it’s happening and it’s basketball, you can bet it’s on From players to coaches, to agents and club teams it’s all there. So though i say it’s nothing major, it is kind of a big deal to me. They said i’d never play varsity!

By the way, i’d like to send a shot out to Eric Lane. He’s one heck of a basketball player and an even better person and i’m glad i got the opportunity to meet him before he headed back to the States. The world is small and this basketball world is an even smaller one. And as you climb higher it becomes somewhat of a hidden society. Eric and i both grew up in the Los Angeles area around the same time (we’re the same age) and it only figures that we know A LOT of the same people. So it was good just to connect the dots all the way out here in Landshut, Germany! I look forward to playing with or against Eric in the future, because its inevitably going to happen.



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