What Not to Wear

19 Oct

i don’t watch too much television other than HGTV, which is the Home channel, ESPN, and occasionally the half-truth telling CNN and MSNBC broadcast channels. Television has raised an entire generation to do exactly what the box/the tube tells it to do. With my television disclaimer being said (partially), i do have one show that i love to watch because it appeals to my keen sartorialism, lol. What Not to Wear with Clinton Kelly and Stacy London.

This show (if you haven’t seen it) picks an individual who is drastically, fashionably-challenged, brings them to New York city where the show is filmed and gives them $5000 to purchase an entirely new wardrobe. But here’s the catch, you must agree to abide by Stacy and Clinton’s rules to accept this trip to New York and your new wardrobe.

All of the participants are nominated by a family member, friend, or a fellow employee which believes that the person they’re nominating needs a dire transformation. The nomineer, before the participant goes on air, shows off the terrible clothing and outfits the nominee has and puts together on a daily basis. Usually wearing inappropriate attire for a certain events or badly showing off body parts that have no business seeing the light of day. The participant is then interviewed by one of the show’s producers unknowingly, who poses as a Market Researcher. They ask them questions about their wardrobe, like what’s most important to them, why they wear what they wear, and how long they’ve had that particular style.

Once the participants have made it to the What Not to Wear studios in New York, they’re confronted by Stacy and Clinton in the infamous 360 Room. This room is a room with mirrors all around which allows the participant to view their horrible outfits from every possible angle, while Stacy and Clinton constructively, yet hilariously, tell them what’s wrong with their wardrobe. They’re given pointers and rules as Stacy and Clinton dress up a dummy in the desired attire they feel will look great on the individuals specific body type. They’re also given pointers as they watch their disasterous wardrobe get mocked and thrown away in their faces. THE MOST HILARIOUS PART OF THE SHOW! To see a persons wardrobe and watch them defend their wardrobes really lets you inside of a person.

Once the rules have been covered, the participant is given 3 days to purchase an entirely new wardrobe with Stacy and Clinton’s rules & regulations in mind (and in hand.) The first day, they are set out on their own to see if they can shop with the rules or if they’ll have a major fashion relapse. Most of them do have a fashion relapse but they show great potential as well. The 2nd and 3rd days Stacy and Clinton shop with them and again help them realize their fashion potential with the clothes actually on the participants’ body.

After they’ve done their shopping, they’re given a make over with Nick Arojo as the hair stylist and Carmandy on make-up. In an hour packed show of fashion, personality, and tremendous change at the end you see the transformation of the participant. Not only in fashion, but in confidence and swagger to go out and live life to their fullest potential.

For those of you who say clothing doesn’t really mean anything, i think you may need to go on this show. Because your clothing often times, says who you are and is your first impression to the world. You take time to shop, you take time to put the clothes on, you might as well take time to look good doing it. And yes, i do have a big crush on Stacy London. She’s not one of the most attractive women in the world but she’s the epitome of what confidence, personality, & style does and means and how it enhances who you already are.

Check out WHAT NOT TO WEAR on TLC:
Friday Nights @ 9pm
and M-F on syndication @ Noon and 1pm PST!!


2 Responses to “What Not to Wear”

  1. Stefanie October 19, 2008 at 7:55 pm #

    I just love the timing of this blog…and I love that I can picture you sitting and watching it!

  2. Stefanie October 19, 2008 at 8:01 pm #

    P.S. She used to have the most beautiful wedding ring but I haven’t seen it in a long time…i’m sure you have a chance 🙂

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