Spring Into Action

23 Oct

if you spent one week in this German winter you understand how one could look so vehemently to the spring. global warming definitely doesn’t make it any better. some days we have a Los Angeles winter right around 75 degrees. Then the very next day it’s 10 degrees below pneumonia. So… in light of me looking forward to the Spring and most clothing lines coming out with their Spring/Summer lookbooks, i thought i’d post a few of my most wanted spring essential pickups. Yes they’re eclectic… but keep in mind whose blog this is. Jk jk!

By now if you don’t know my love for Dufflebags then you’re no longer welcomed on this site. No seriously, leave now because you haven’t been paying attention. ok jk jk, but this will be a little something different for me to go with i think. not so much a backpack, which i had to graduate from, but it’s not a duffle bag either. So i’ll just call it a napsack, for lack of a better word!

I’m jus really feeling these shades. i’m not a big eyewear fan, i always felt that it was one of those accessories that was flashy and brought more attention to you than fashionably serving a purpose but still modest. As i get older tho, i realize they’re not so bad as long as they are actually modest and fit my face. We’ll see how well this goes.

i like these just for the simple fact they’re different. High top sandals that look like sneakers. C’mon now. You’re either going to really love them or really loathe them but this shoe definitely doesn’t cause for anything in between. i think Kiroic took a risk and succeeded. i’m going to give them a shot if you aren’t! They come in different colors too but i’ll let you do your own research on that! lol

i’ve been an avid supporter of Blackberry my entire technological career. From nextel to sprint now with AT&T i’ve stuck around. Reason being, they’re great, sleek, dependable phones that fashionably serve a purpose yet they’re modest and sophisticated. With the new iPhone having come out and being a really good phone, i was 95% headed towards Apple but with the looks of this phone, i think i can wait it out till AT&T is allowed to carry them, then i’ll scoop one up. i’m looking around May!! i hope you can do more with bbm than you can on the Curve and other blackberry devices.

(Glasses by Claw Money. Backpack by Botanika x Lorinza. Phone: Blackberry Storm by RIM. Shoes by Kiroic)

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