Pearls & Principles

29 Oct

“Don’t waste what is holy on people who are unholy.* Don’t throw your pearls to pigs! They will trample the pearls, then turn and attack you. – Matthew 7:6

As i write this keep Matthew 7:6 in mind. A teammate and i have been talking about everything under the sun, including those things that exist in, under, and above the earth. In this conversation though, we analyzed the principle and theory that says, “if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. if you teach a man how to fish, you feed him for a life time.” Sounds noble right? Well here’s where the dispute began and also where i used the words of Jesus Christ. Because in a situation of giving, you still have to be wise and discerning.

So, just to share a little bit with you w/o casting these pearls amongst swine (i hope none of you are swine spiritually) this is the gist of our discussion. He felt that teaching a man to fish was noble, genuine, and the right thing to do. And i honestly couldn’t agree more but only in where you’re heart shall start in the giving/teaching process! But take each possible outcome of your actions into consideration and you’ll see how principles (pearls) in the wrong hands can be deadly to the lender, borrower, and bystanders.

Giving someone money with no knowledge of what he will do with it is always risky. We often see the fortunate walk by the less fortunate w/o giving them a dime and think, “how insensitive can this person be?” We’ve also seen the sweet and naive pour out all they had at the time into the person. The danger here lies in having no knowledge of that person’s character, integrity, story and eventually what they will do with the money. Giving a drug addict $25 could cause him to overdose. The flipside, giving a man with a family to feed $5 doesn’t stretch very far either. In just this small example, you can see a person’s intent makes them swine or not. (The fortunate’s giving has to also be determined as holy or a pearl which is always hard to be determined just as is the recipient’s intentions.) Some people will say, “just give the money and go about your business.” Well, people throw crumbs to dogs. Why not take the time to discern what the need of a person truly is? And discernment can be just looking at them (not always the case) or having a conversation with the person to find out what they’re really about. YES! Effective giving/teaching does require some time, wisdom, and genuine concern to want to help.

Now let’s go deeper. As my friend and i continued we went in depth on that example above and came to somewhat of an agreement. But what’s changed my entire perspective on life (and now his too) is learning God’s principles and seeing how those not in the Kingdom of God have used those same principles to become successful in the world, but refuse to praise or worship where the principle came from, while openly and quite blatantly disrespecting God simultaneously. How do you worship the creature more than the creator? In this part of our discussion, we used hip hop for an example being it was a neutral battlefield. (Won’t really go into detail on that but if you’d like to discuss it you can definitely email me. If you’re a hip hop fan though, i will probably offend you and you’re favorite artist.)

The whole point of this blog post is… there are some who you give a principle or “cast your pearls among” and they use it for wicked. When you may have been better off just giving them a fish to get them by for that moment. We often here about riches to rag stories of those who had money and lost it. The cliche that comes to mind is, “A fool with money becomes nothing more than a rich fool!”

i pray i’ve mad you think just a little bit more in how you use what you’ve been taught in your lifetime. Those things that have helped you persevere or the reasons you aren’t as “successful” as you would like to be. They’re all principles. Have you implemented them with full faith? Are your intentions behind them wicked or are they pure? Because the principle will work regardless. God’s word will not return unto Him void. But the principle will bear the fruit of the seed. You plant a bad seed and work the principle (which would be watering and nurturing) then you’re definitely going to get bad fruit (although money, cars, houses, looks “good”) Example: if you’re main objective is just to get rich by any means necessary and you hustle hard and all that good stuff. You’ll probably reach your goal. But your fruit will be bad.

i hope i haven’t casted any of my pearls amongst swine… i guess i’ll know because Jesus said, “they’ll trample the pearls and then attack you.” And His words haven’t failed me nor will they ever!


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