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Star Wars Artwork

29 Nov


Putting a new twist on the Star Wars theme, award-winning French photographer Cedric Delsaux displays the many popular Star Wars characters in urban settings and areas. While the characters may look real, they are actually model toys superimposed on to the shots of Parisian architecture to create the illusion of realism.

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Down with CP3

29 Nov


Chris Paul aka CP3 is one of my favorite point guards to watch (& study) in the NBA. Not only can he play ball but his fashion sense is above par. Check out the slideshow and his interview with about winning a gold medal in the Olympics, the NBA season, and being chosen as one of GQ’s Men of the Year!

Alan Flusser: On Fashion

29 Nov


Sartorialist, designer, and author of ‘Dressing the Man,’ Alan Flusser, speaks with about fashion in Hollywood, style tips, and his personal tastes.

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Talk Time

29 Nov


the Verbarius, designed by Art Lebedev, is a world clock that displays the time with commonly used phrases like “Twenty-nine past eleven a.m.” or “Half past ten”. Ingenius!

Gizmo Haven

29 Nov


Doug Krone, creator of Dynamism (a much more higher end gadget website), has also just launched right before Christmas for your inner geek or geek inclined friends. i posted it so what does that tell you about me? Check them out, they have great gadgets at great prices!

West Meets East

29 Nov


Designed by Xue Lei these porcelain cups are shaped in the form of crushed cans and have taken the exact same features of a coke tin that you would find in the bin. Yet, the porcelain and the art work on the cups are very oriental in their nature depicting great dragons and warriors. the perfect blend of cultures in simplicity.

Hideaway Island House

29 Nov


Location: Noosa region of Australia’s Sunshine Coast
Architect: Frank Macchia

4 bedroom 4 bathroom available for auction January 10th, 2009.

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