26 Nov


My nickname is HMB (H Money Bagz) and it fits b/c  i love duffles. So here’s what’s inside of mine at the moment:

Maxwell Leadership Bible (NKJV): can’t function w/o it!
Oxford German Dictionary: canst du meinen Deutsch lehrenen sien?
BB Storm 9500: the Jetsetters bestfriend.
Passport w/ Visa: “if they catch me at the border i got visas in my name” – M.i.a.
German Contract: a subtle reminder! (the money)
Jack&Jones Magazine: a European clothing line i’m beginning to like!
Landshut Newspaper: it was unfortunate to not be in the States during Obama’s election, but i was fortunate enough to be in Europe and get a global reaction. 11.06.2008
M&M’s: Quick, cheap, German chocolate on the go. There so gooood!

Not Pictured:
Fuji Digital Camera: can’t be a jetsetter/blogger/foreigner w/o a camera!
Upcoming business venture notes: the “Money” in HMB!
Dell Inspiron | 8600: my laptop to blog, email, and skype. in dire need of a Macbook Pro/Air!!

One Response to “Essentials”

  1. Isaiah December 5, 2008 at 7:19 pm #

    Get me your skype name so I can hit you up. I got the mic and webcam from when Seeky Dawg was in Australia. I think you can search my name under

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