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Visa Black Card

31 Dec


VISA is turning on the heat in the ever aggressive credit card scene. Their latest offering is the $495 VISA Black Card, which looks to compete against the super cards offered by other various outlets such as the  invite only “Centurion Card.” Like the latter, the VISA Black card offers 24hour full service concierge level perks, priority access at airports, hotels and more. Top it off with a special “carbon graphite” black card, and you are already well beyond the normal VISA user. (via Selectism)



31 Dec

all i ask is that in ’09, STANDOUT!

pepsicokejohndefeophoto by John W. DeFeo


31 Dec

phenom-watch-phonePhenom watch is a completely unlocked GSM phone (ready to take any SIM card you’ve got) while simultaneously functioning as an MP3/MP4 player through a MicroSD port. Other features include a 1.3″ touchscreen display, Bluetooth, speakerphone, numeric keypad and a videocamera. For a mere $300

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Giant iPod Touch HD

31 Dec


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My President is…

31 Dec

barackupPhotographer Callie Shell tells it best: “Two staffers had just passed this site and done two pull-ups. Not to be outdone, Obama did three with ease, dropped, and walked out to make a speech.” Sure, the man’s ties are elegant and the suits fit relatively well, but sometimes style is less about the clothes you’re wearing than what you do while wearing them.

Stefano Pilati

31 Dec


the ascot, has officially returned! (as if it ever left)

The Rossion Q1

31 Dec