the Muppet Babies

4 Dec


Jim Hanson’s ‘The Muppet Babies’ live in a large nursery watched over by Nanny, the only human character in the show. The babies have active imaginations, and often embark on adventures into imaginary worlds and perilous situations from which they are eventually returned to reality by some external event, such as Nanny coming to see what the noise was. They are constantly finding ways to entertain themselves in creative ways, and learning to work together to solve problems and survive their wild imagined adventures.

I wanted to spotlight The Muppet Babies as one of my personal favorite and most thought provoking, through entertainment, cartoons of my childhood. With the death desensitizational cartoons like ‘Tom & Jerry’ and the stereotypically developed characters that the Disney corporation has created, i feel children nowadays are deprived of an honest, innocent childhood. Now they have these cartoons like Spongebob Squarepants and Teletubbies, speculated to have subliminal homesexual overtones. What’s it all coming to?

Gonzo picture by Sanders Art Studio

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