Dollar Devaluationalisms

15 Dec


I mentioned this in about 4 previous posts, the dollar becoming extinct pretty soon. Many people dispute that claim, but if you understand how our economy is operated you’d also understand why it would make so much sense to push inflation as high as possible, devaluing the dollar. which in turn (yes, again) would usher in the new currency called the Amero. They’re (Federal Reserve)  going to make the devaluing of the dollar sound really good for our economy, how it helps save companies who facilitate jobs and are largely apart of the cycling of money in the economy. All to make it sound logical to the average tax payer. Those hardworking American citizens who are funding these “bailout” plans.  And whether you like the sound of it or not, it’s already happening. Not one individual has gotten a billion dollar bailout plan (or even a 1o thousand dollar bailout plan), yet these major corporations who don’t and shouldn’t receive relief  in a capatalistic society, are getting major help! These same corporations who are behind the government via lobbyists, politicians, and special interests groups. i won’t tell you what to do with YOUR money, i’ll just keep presenting the facts.

check out the article on Dollar Devaluation here.

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