20 Dec


Wow… i’ve reached 1000 intrigued guests to my blog. i know, nothing major to you but you must realize that there are so many blogs in the world that those people could’ve spent their time and for whatever reason they decided to read what i’ve experienced, learn, or come across.

What’s even more exciting for me is that the blog has only been in existence for a little over 2 months. With no promotion, marketing, special guests appearances or anything other than what’s on my mind to gravitate people toward my blog, i feel like 1000 guests is an amazing acheivement.

So… to let you in on a little upcoming venture in conjuction with this blog, i plan to take the theme to another level. That’s the best way i can put it without letting out too much. if you enjoyed the blog, you’ll definitely enjoy this upcoming project. GUARANTEED!

thank you for all of those who stopped by to share their intellect or partake in mine, lol!

— hmb


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