21 Dec


i’m probably extremely late here… but Dover Street will be housing NoWhere, Soon! (in their basement, how thorough is that?!)

“15 years ago friends and collaborators Nigo (A Bathing Ape) and Jun Takahashi (Undercover) opened a tiny shop in Harajuku Tokyo called NOWHERE. It was Undercover’s first ever dedicated retail space. The space also had Nigo’s picks of US vintage wear.

During that first year Nigo launched A Bathing Ape in NOWHERE.

NOWHERE will open again for a limited period of time in the basement of DSM from 17th January 2009 selling A Bathing Ape products and exclusive products made by Nigo and Jun together under the NOWHERE name.” – DSM Paper

though, i’m personally not a big A Bathing Ape supporter, wanted to highlight the endurance of a bond. Because in any business it’s difficult to have a working relationship without things getting in the way. And i commend Nigo and Jun for being able, 15 years later, to return to the essence and foundation of where they both jumpstarted their careers, collectively!

“Dover Street is off the Handle” – Lupe Fiasco


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