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Hedi Slimane Photography

30 Jan




Hedi Slimane


Gmail available offline

30 Jan

Google Inc. is giving people a way to manage their e-mail even when they’re offline, marking the Internet search leader’s latest move to unshackle its services from the Web.

The offline feature introduced this week is aimed primarily at workers who rely on Google’s Gmail service as part of their jobs. But anyone with a standard account can choose the option. (This can be accomplished by clicking on “settings” and then entering Google’s “labs” section.)

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Dolphin Chefs

30 Jan


CANBERRA – Dolphins are the chefs of the seas, having been seen going through precise and elaborate preparations to rid cuttlefish of ink and bone to produce a soft meal of calamari, Australian scientists say.

A wild female Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin was observed going through the same series of complicated steps to prepare cuttlefish prey for eating in the Spencer Gulf, in South Australia state.

“It’s a sign of how well their brains are developed. It’s a pretty clever way to get pure calamari without all the horrible bits,” Mark Norman, the curator of mollusks at Museum Victoria and a research team member, told the Canberra Times newspaper.

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Olympic Handball

29 Jan


My initial arrival here in Europe was back in August 2008 during the Olympics. i was blessed to be introduced to the fastpaced, action packed sport of Olympic Handball, or also called, European or Team Handball. i didn’t fully understand handball at first but as i continued to watch it, i become more and more of a fan. It grabbed my attention with various similarities to basketball, with it’s quick action and the athletes opportunity to showcase their full array of athleticism, skill, and intellect. It also has some very noticable similarities to futbol (soccer) and ice hockey. Two other popular sports played here in Europe, which have helped the attractiveness of the sport, increasing its fan base.

For a better description of the sport, i did like any other person in my generation would do… GOOGLE iT!!
or you can read the Wikipedia definition.

Brief Rigorousness Helps

29 Jan

For those of you who can’t find time out of your busy day to workout, here’s a little more incentive. Brief rigorous excercise reduces the risk of diabetes. Read more here.

Round Kitchen Countertops by Pedini

29 Jan


Punch-Out for Wii

29 Jan


As young boxer Little Mac, players have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to battle the big guys of the World Video Boxing Association circuit. Take them on one by one, starting with skinny Glass Joe. Battle up through King Hippo and all the way to the WVBA Champion himself.

It will be developed by Canadian developer Next Level Games and released on the Wii. It was first revealed at Nintendo’s conference on October 2, 2008. It is slated for a 2009 release.

YESSS!!!!! “Bring it back, bring it back” – Jeezy