Bang & Olufsen

7 Jan


For those of you whom may be purchasing a new home, apartment, condo, etc. the Sophisticate™ (oh man, wait until you really know what Sophisticate™ is about) in you needs to check out Bang & Olufsen’s new catalogue. They’re definitely (in my opinion, it is my blog lol) the leaders in home & car audio/video equipment and accesories. They have a sleek, minimalistic style and they’re technology is industry forward. As i’m browsing the site i run into their Beo5 remote control that does everything but make you dinner (though you can probably control the oven from it) which looks like a futuristic version of Wayne Szalinkski’s remote to his shrinking machine (For those that don’t know who Wayne Szalinkski is, here) And i apologize for overdosing on the paranthetic comments on this post but i had a lot of side thoughts.


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