Wo Willst Du Hin?

8 Jan


Airline Fire Sale Roundup

2009 is looking to be a banner year for travel. Airlines (though trying to stick us with baggage fees at every turn), aren’t so certain about their collective future. Hence, a fire sale full of generous bargains, pretty much across the board. And the best part is that these fares are available for purchase all the way through springtime, which is much longer than airfare sales traditionally last. For example!

Air Tran is offering $39 one-way tickets from Florida to San Juan.
Virgin America is offering $139 one-way tickets between Washington DC and Los Angeles, Washington DC, and San Francisco, Boston and Los Angeles, Boston, and San Francisco.
JetBlue has one-way fares from Long Beach to Vegas for $39, and Tampa to Cancun for $92.
Southwest has cross-country flights for $109 each way (San Diego to DC).
United has domestic rates as low as $65 each way from San Diego to San Francisco, and international rates as low as $169 from New York to Dublin.

Those airlines not directly participating in a New Year’s sale are price-matching, at least. (via Blackbook Mag)


One Response to “Wo Willst Du Hin?”

  1. jace verretii May 1, 2009 at 6:20 pm #

    hey i can see my appartment from here lol thats really cool

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