Thomas Crown Affair

10 Jan


It was the movie that gave a whole new meaning to the chess term ‘Mate’: Norman Jewison’s The Thomas Crown Affair, released in 1968, in which Steve McQueen played the millionaire art thief of the film’s title and Faye Dunaway – fresh from her career-launching triumph with Bonnie & Clyde – played the investigator who is determined to outwit him but ends up falling in love with him.

I pretty much watch this movie every other night, or atleast every other morning. It’s just the perfect Sophisticate™ inspiration of style, class, wooism, and a little  harmless mischief. Though, the Thomas Crown i see isn’t played by the transcendent Steve McQueen, Pierce Brosnan definitely isn’t a slacker either. With Thomas Crown’s mergers and acquisitions, a wonderful home w/ a helper and obviously an attorney who can cook, great suits, a Bentley Continental Sedan, a private plane that he piloted, $100,000 yachts and $100,000 golf shots, coupled with my Bible, my english muffin with butter and nutella, and some English Breakfast tea, i’m ready to go get what the day has for me!

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