My President is… Right?

11 Jan

barackobamahsHere comes the justification for all the bailouts! As a citizen, i hope i can trust and believe that these bailouts are somehow going to help me as i try to gain the ever so important credit status in America. We didn’t get into this predicament on accident and the banks are still hoarding money. I’m not sure which philosopher it was, but they said something like this “a country’s success isn’t based on the riches but how well off the lowest of society is.” So, though i can see how giving money to some large corporations can help in the short run, i eventually think the people most affected by the economic crisis will need some assistance, and those people are the people. And a trickle down affect of money giving to the top doesn’t seem like it will reach the people like it should, which needs to be directly!

How awesome would it be to go to a kingdom and see the peasants resemble kings? What would you think the kings look like? And how respected would that kingdom be? i don’t know, maybe i’m just babbling! check out this article on Obama’s words on the $315 billion bailout helping the people. (Goodness, that’s a lot of money)


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