Jetsetterry™ at its Finest

17 Jan


Monocle magazine has issued their second annual Travel Top 50 Survey, covering everything which includes: properties, flat-beds, new terminals, railway stations, lobby bars, inflight snacks and sun loungers.

i haven’t flown to everywhere and i haven’t used every airline, but the 3 awards i can agree with are the Munich airport, which i’ve flown out of and into twice. Their amazing. Second, is the Lufthansa airline. They simply just get the job done, they always have the largest in-flight selection of decent movies and they haven’t lost any of my bags yet (and these are international flights). Third, would be Incheon, the booming region in Seoul, South Korea. They are doing exactly that and shall be growing. I was there in 2006 visiting my friend and that place was amazing, not to include they’re right by a Navy base.

if you’re planning to travel anywhere in the world in the near future, you may want to check out Monocle’s Travel Top 50 Survey to see how they may have ranked something near by. This is definitely a Jet Setter’s essential!


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