Hamster Will

23 Jan


inspired by my kid bro. – check him out.

Hamster Will‘ is a literal and metaphoric play on words that describes me, thus my new blog, in a nutshell. We’ve all seen hamsters in a cage vigorously running on a wheel. Sometimes powering an ultrasonic heating ray that destroys the molecular structure of a reindeer antler, which possesses the cure for cancerous cells in the human body. Or like the average person, you’ve seen them running on a wheel for no reason at all.

The same principle is evident in myself. my brain runs the same on a daily basis. For many odd or indifferent reasons. Maybe something important happens, or for no particular reason at all.  But all you know is, you see the hamster running. And it’s not until after the hamster has ran for awhile that you understand the purpose of its running and the intent the hamster ran with.

In like manner, envision the will of the hamster. Some may look at the hamster and just think it’s running because it’s a neandrathalic species and find it mundane. Others see its running as necessary and find it valuable, like the scientists behind the cancerous cell cure. For whatever reason the hamster is running, what we can’t figure out is what keeps the hamster running with vehement intent and purpose? is it for amusement? exercise? or is it really a neandrathalic species?

i too, run with this vehement intent and purpose. Some know the reason behind it, others can’t even visualize why i would run that fervently for this reason. But regardless what it’s in, whether in a cage, powering an ultrasonic ray or in some kid’s room, amusing them, the unseen purpose keeps my wills/wheels spinning.


One Response to “Hamster Will”

  1. Mrs. Siner January 26, 2009 at 3:32 am #

    The title says it all. I didn’t even have to read the blog to know what you meant. However, I did it anyway… 🙂

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