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Tata Nano

27 Feb


the cheapest ($2000) car in the world that no one in America can purchase. Check them out here.


Sergio Rossi x Puma

26 Feb


i have been wanting to do this for women ever since i saw Mariah Carey in 2003, perform at the NBA All-Star game in Atlanta with the Michael Jordan stilletos. Fashioned after his black upper, black patent leather XI’s. Here we are 6 years later and someone has finally put together a decent line of sneaker-esque heels for the ladies. There have been some others, but the quality and design was leaning more towards gimmick than constructing a quality shoe. Shot out to Sergio Rossi and Puma.

Aubrey Drake Graham

25 Feb


Drake is a phenomenal rapper and from where i can see, a pretty down-to-earth and intriguing individual apart from his professions. i had the opportunity to be introduced to his music by a young friend of mine and fell in love with the artistic integrity on Drake’s mixtape “Room For Improvement.” Since then, i’ve followed him and his career and have enjoyed his growth as an artist thus far. He’s just released his latest mixtape, So Far Gone, which is available for download on his blog October’s Own. And since his popularity is increasing this will most likely be the last time i blog on Mr. Graham. Check his interview out with Complex below.

Complex talks with Drake

What Your Nails Say About Your Health

23 Feb


Know someone with nasty nails? View this slideshow and find out ‘What Your Nails Say About Your Health’


22 Feb


Classic Duffeltry (more pics here)

Swiss Air’s Jetsetterisms™

22 Feb


(via Wallpaper*)

15 Shots??

22 Feb

This is ridiculous… things just don’t really seem to be changing at all do they? Our people, our communities, our WORLD needs a voice. Not a figure head, not a celebrity, not a donation, not another charity event, not another party, not another bash, but someone (a group of folks) who area willing to dedicate themselves to the betterment of society. Whether it’s local or global! In my humble opinion, that is what keeping Dr. King’s ‘Dream’ alive means to me. Not about a race achieving something, but people living peacefully amongst each other understanding and agreeing to disagree, at the very least, on our differences. As much as our nations mantra has become “CHANGE” in our nations history have i ever seen it. And at this point in time to “Change” the habits and ignorance of racism, socialism, classism, and inadequate education… i hope for, but don’t see “Change” happening from within the system.

And though, this definitely hit home, literally and metaphorically, seeing as i am born and raised in Pasadena, CA… this is not something that just effects me. But it’s just like anything else in our society i guess, we never put stop signs up on a street until a little kid gets hit. i’m saddened, heartbroken, outraged, and furious. Hope will never be lost but i do know that Jesus is the only way.

God bless!!
Rest in Peace “LB”

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