9 Feb


Growing up in Pasadena, California it is hard to have not fallen into the streetwear lifestyle. i grew up on dickies, chuck taylors, and white tees. Sunflower seeds, red rags, DJ Quik & Suga Free. Just to name a few. i also grew up on Ralph Lauren, Eddie Bauer, and other under appreciated fashion gurus thanks to my father. Though, in the very recent past i was most certainly a streetwear connoisseur, things have changed as my lifestyle and what i chose to fabrically represent me has changed. i have moved closer to the more refined, for lack of a better word, style of fashion. Subtle Subliminal Sophistication as i like to call it… something i learned from my father: Approach (Subtle). Method (Subliminal). Style (Sophistication).

Orisue has definitely become the ‘exception to the rule‘ ushering in their Spring line for 2009. They have combined the perfect blend of streetwear with luxury lifestyle clothing, bringing out the personality of the brand yet still allowing the consumer the ability to show his or her creativity. i have always felt, that is the highest feat of anyone who creates anything for the masses to enjoy. keeping the creator’s identity subliminally emblazoned in their creation, while allowing the individual participating to attach his or hers own personality to be expressed. i am impressed with Orisue’s growth in their design and concept of their brand and clothing.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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