Facebook ‘Terms of Service’

19 Feb

Facebook Advertising

For those of you who are unfamiliar with what is going on over at Facebook Inc., Forbes.com has a great article summarizing the recent hoorah over Facebooks new terms of service. Consumerist.com also has an excellent, in-depth blog of how it effects past, current, and future Facebook participants.

I’ve gotten a great opportunity to read many articles and even view some of the privacy laws that are very “ambiguous” to pinpoint when dealing with the internet and more specificially, social networks. But what Facebook Inc. has done is much more potent than what meets the eye.

I understand that they have, since 2007, been trying to transition from a social network to a general portal like Yahoo! (which is a terrible transition idea in my opinion) but this last move is quite peculiar.

Though, Facebook may have stated in members’ previous terms of service that “the terms of this agreement are capable of being changed without notification” doesn’t mean you have to do it without notification. Especially, when your new terms of service includes the ownership of major membership content. To do whatever you want with it, for as long as you want, however you see fit, WITHOUT THE MEMBER’S CONSENT!

In a deeper, more conspiracy theorist-esque way, this to me is a warning shot to American citizens and citizens abroad. They (the machine) can and will do whatever they feel like with you, if you’re not paying attention. And for many of those people who registered onto Facebook without reading the terms of service, they are blessed to have people (Consumer’s Union’s) who are paying close attention.

In other areas of our lives, these type of things have already happened and are basically irreversible. ‘Homeland Security and their power to spy, poke, peep, etc. into the American citizen’s personal life. We voted them that power and took away our own in fear.

Please, please, please be more careful about what you sign your name in agreeance to. You could be giving up way more than you think. And pressing ctrl + alt + delete won’t work!


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