Baggage Claims

10 Sep


The time i spent in Europe (Deutschland) was very influential in my perspective on life. Apart from the bicycle culture they live, the biggest influence was their grocery shopping lifestyle. Because of the small refrigerators you’re inclined to shop frequently ( once a week at least. )  With frequent visits to Edeka, Aldi, or your local neighborhood deli, toting a plastic bag would not only be a hazard to ecosystem but also not very cost efficient (as plastic bags differed in price depending upon the size of the bag.) It took me awhile to get use to planning carrying my reusable tote but you can see the difference in how clean & efficient things were in Deutschland. And now to see America is finally picking up a trend that can actually help our earth, is phenomenal. With my marketing mind and i’m sure the mind of some others, you’ll see a lot more bags dawning advertisements or cool artist collaborations. i say go for it, anyway we can make something positive cool while creating revenue, a PLUS!

check out some grocer chains reusable bag here

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