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Pearls || Human Nature

31 May

Knowledge of Human Nature: Ability to accurately analyze others and the courage to see in them what is there instead of that which one would wish to see.  Many a person goes down to defeat through misplaced confidence in others for no other reason than that of seeing in them those qualities that are not there.  Every man’s own character is written so all who will may read it, in the expression of his eyes, the tone of his voice, the posture of his body, the style of his clothes, and the nature of his deeds! There is no established rule for interpreting human nature through these outward appearances.  Each person must create his own method. – Napoleon Hill

Michael Jackson – Human Nature


Eurocopter Mercedes EC145 Luxury Helicopter

29 May

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Eurocopter has unveiled a new luxury version of their EC145 Helicopter in collaboration with Mercedes. The EC145 is a twin-engine turbine helicopter with a spacious cabin which can accommodate up to eight passengers with comfortable seats, and a storage room for several pieces of luggage. The interior features splendid wood fittings for the floors and ceilings; the latest development of Mercedes can be seen in cockpit design with a sophisticated electrical system built. The Eurocopter Mercedes EC145 Luxury Helicopter is available for order now with deliveries commencing in 2011.

Movie Peg

29 May

i have always had an appreciation for simple ingenuity!  (via Cool Hunting)

Hybrid. Check!

29 May

i haven’t liked 99% of the hybrids done by Nike. i think they cheapen both shoes that they try to merge into one. But, there’s always the exception to the rule: the Spiz’ike is one & this is the other!


27 May

Life After Denim – Maldives Shorts

Left Field – Chambray Trouser

Just thought i’d help in the BoyCott-On! Movement i currently am involved in. it’s basically to avoid wearing denim this entire summer (as much as realistically possible) there are so many other nice materials out there and this entire summer i figure i’d motivate, inspire, or just outright disgust some folks into joining me in this endeavor. Stay Tuned!

Vashon Cabin

27 May

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This interesting house plan called “Vashon Cabin” belongs to Vandeventer + Carlander Architects and is located in Vashon Island, Washington, USA. The challenge was to turn around the looks and the functionality of an existing one level cabin. Due to serious building restrictions, the architects had to come up with a viable solution that would increase the space of the residence, without changing the cabin’s lot coverage. The result: an ingenious addition in the shape of a wooden box, which was “attached” to the main structure. Intriguing enough, the auxiliary project includes a master bedroom, a bathroom and the kitchen. But what we like most about the unusual “box” is the fact that the architects managed to blend it with the “mother” structure by taking an original and clever approach. (via Freshome)

Avoid the Becoming

27 May