Jesus Loves Me

9 Jun

On one of my many excursions across the internet, attempting to find the things that still have their essence of genuine love, hard work, creativity, & ingenuity in their craft, i’ve come across a label who’s message i not only support & believe in but whose clothes i also like. Please take a glance at Jesus Loves Me’s website & tell me what you think. They’re an upstart company hailing from the UK!

Sidenote: The e-magazine that this blog will eventually become, will be based upon the foundation of efforts like these. Not so much the faith base, but from the basis of up & coming people in various fields who need & deserve recognition for their work. i believe that we’re so focus on the Louis Vuitton’s & Mercedes-Benz’s of the market that we can’t notice the wealth in art & creation pass the symbolism of wealth!

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