i’m a very introspective and enlightened individual (if i must say so myself lol) whose thirst & hunger for knowledge of Jesus Christ is insatiable. There’s really no limit to my interests. i am a luxury lifestyle connoisseur, world traveler & all around renaissance man. intrigued by anything artistic, creative, ambiguous, and intelligent alike. aspiring to live a life of Christ on earth by not conforming to society’s norms. constantly & consistently operating beyond the paradigms of our world, my definition of tranquility. i love people, culture, and anything that embodies intellect through creativity & ingenuity. i’m also a bonafide monopoly mogul and a world class connect4 connoisseur… challenge me!

i was inspired to create this blog because i felt and feel that not many people believe that you can still be a God-fearing man and morally enjoy the finer things in life, without losing your identity or becoming a hypocrite. I grew weary of others in my generation following a blueprint not tailored to the individual. I realized that the basic function of any creation is the same. What sets them apart is the consistency of improvement and the willingness to push the envelope and take calculated risks. By informing people of those things that they may not have known about otherwise, through subtle subliminal sophistication, my goal is to transcend, not perpetuate trends.

h money bagz

Aim: Jusdafacks


One Response to “hmb”

  1. sarge October 14, 2008 at 5:28 pm #

    Your the BOMB BUDDY (remember)?

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