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Tesla IPO

29 Jun

Tesla Motors (TSLA) zoomed out of the gate Tuesday, closing at $23.89 per share, 40.5% above its $17 offer price on its first day of public trading.

This closely watched IPO was a success, especially in a day filled with broader market turmoil.

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Fast Company || Sam Adams

28 Jun

In his first year in office, Adams implemented the Climate Action Plan, a roadmap to cutting Carbon emissions 80 percent by 2050; he’s merged the Office of Sustainable Development with the Bureau of Planning to infuse all city plans with sustainability; he’s worked toward allocating $20 million for new “bicycle boulevards“; and he’s started a pilot program for clean energy retrofitting.

Adams has proven that even in slow economic times, he’s still moving Portland forward as a Fast City.

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Billionaires in the Building

18 Jun

Billionaires apparently used some of their massive cash piles to get the good seats for last night’s Game 7 of the NBA finals that pitted the Boston Celtics against the Los Angeles Lakers.

It seemed that during every time out, ABC’s cameras panned the crowd to show a bevy of celebrity fans including Jack Nicholson,  Leonardo DiCaprio, Usher, Christina Aguilera–I’ll stop there. The Boston Herald has all the name dropping.

But two of the city’s richest went largely unnoticed during the championship game. Media maven David Geffen (net worth $5 billion) sat courtside to the right of the Laker’s bench. Platinum Equity’s Tom Gores (net worth $2.2 billion) sat so close to the Celtics it seemed that Doc Rivers blocked his view during half the game. (Check out my profile on Tom Gores).

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Baggage Claims

10 Sep


The time i spent in Europe (Deutschland) was very influential in my perspective on life. Apart from the bicycle culture they live, the biggest influence was their grocery shopping lifestyle. Because of the small refrigerators you’re inclined to shop frequently ( once a week at least. )  With frequent visits to Edeka, Aldi, or your local neighborhood deli, toting a plastic bag would not only be a hazard to ecosystem but also not very cost efficient (as plastic bags differed in price depending upon the size of the bag.) It took me awhile to get use to planning carrying my reusable tote but you can see the difference in how clean & efficient things were in Deutschland. And now to see America is finally picking up a trend that can actually help our earth, is phenomenal. With my marketing mind and i’m sure the mind of some others, you’ll see a lot more bags dawning advertisements or cool artist collaborations. i say go for it, anyway we can make something positive cool while creating revenue, a PLUS!

check out some grocer chains reusable bag here

9 Sep

mint has quickly become the hippest personal finance management website. In some ways Mint competes with Mvelopes, the online budgeting program that helps you to allocate your money before you spend it, but Mint does a bit more. It makes managing your money fun while taking almost all of the work out of it. In five minutes you can open an account, enter your bank and credit card info, and you are done. Mint will pull all of your balance and transaction information and provides great graphic detail of your financial life.

Not only does Mint break down your spending behavior, it will alert you when your balance is low, when a bill is due or when you have overspent your budget. But wait, there’s more! also give you personalized money savings tips based on how you are spending your money.

You can feel confident that your data with is safe. After you enter your banking information in your account, your user names and passwords cannot be viewed in any way. Your data is not stored in any way, and financial transactions cannot be made with Mint. That means Mint employees and Mint hackers will never have access to this information. also uses Yodlee, the same online banking service provider that is used by leading US financial institutions. You can feel confident your account is safe and sound with Yodlee, as they are audited by the FDIC and the Federal Reserve, among others.

Nationalization: A Step Closer

26 Mar


Finally, after a year of delays, the Treasury secretary and the Fed chairman have agreed about the need for a new insolvency regime for systemically important financial institutions (bank holding companies and non-bank financial institutions). This new insolvency regime will allow government to take over in an orderly way–as opposed to a disorderly Lehman-like bankruptcy–insolvent systemically important financial institutions.

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Tata Nano

27 Feb


the cheapest ($2000) car in the world that no one in America can purchase. Check them out here.