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9 Jun

Chām means: Simply translated “meal for the workers.” In the wider Korean philosophical sense, it also means embracing a well prepared meal for a healthy mind and body.

And that is exactly what i got when i ate at Chām’s for the first time. Located in Pasadena, Ca on the corner of Lake & Cordova, this Korean Bistro offered me one of the best eating experiences i’ve had in a long time. One of my gripes with America is that we don’t have enough culture. We don’t cherish the experience of anything because of our lust for convenience. Being in South Korea and Europe offered me the opportunity to see what slowing down and enjoying life was all about. & Chām gave me that feeling back!

Chām is a must visit & check out how to experience their food!


Rockwell || Los Angeles

21 Sep

Rockwell1714 N Vermont Ave; Los Feliz;

Sitting in the back has always had a special cache — the cool kids sat there to goof off and make out, and you sat there to lustily watch the cool kids goof off and make out, before walking home alone, wishing you were a bird. Bringing sexy back along with grub and drinks, Rockwell.

Finally opening tonight after weeks of false starts, Rockwell’s a sprawling, 6000-sq-foot mostly-outdoor eat/drinkery hidden in the back of neighborhood fave Vermont, with a 30-foot-tall coral tree the centerpiece of a monstrous patio w/ rustic tile floors and modern wood chairs, as well as a second floor with indoor/outdoor seating and a small, loungy terrace with 360-degree views of the city, leaving no need for a dogsitter. Food’s mostly sustainable/seasonal, with wildly eclectic choices ranging from flatbread w/ spanish chorizo, piquillo peppers, and manchego cheese to cumin-crusted ribeye w/ watercress, potato crisps, and a merlot-blueberry sauce, and calamari w/ ginger, shallot, chili, and “fragrant” salt and pepper, who apparently couldn’t help but push it real good. Drinks-wise, the Rock’s got a slew of specialty beers, including Santa Cruz Ale Works IPA, Angel City Brewing Vitzen, and a 25oz Chimay Grand Reserve Blue; they’ve also got a fresh-ingrediented cocktail list, with artful boozing including the Bitter Redhead (Hendrick’s/aperol/sweetened Meyer lemon juice), the Gemini (Tito’s vodka/grilled grapefruit/St. Germaine) and a concoction of honey-infused Eagle Rare bourbon, elderflower liquor, and pear nectar known as the Mother’s Milk, which you haven’t had since you were like, seven. ( via Thrillst )

checkout their menu

Maximillian Straße

14 Dec




Maximillian Straße (Munich)  is my 2nd favorite street in the whole entire world, only to Fair Oaks (Pasadena). if you’re ever in Munich, visit this little bistro called Külisse Theatre, i’ll blog on it later but they have really good wine. i had the Chardonnay del Veneto!