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Fast Company || Sam Adams

28 Jun

In his first year in office, Adams implemented the Climate Action Plan, a roadmap to cutting Carbon emissions 80 percent by 2050; he’s merged the Office of Sustainable Development with the Bureau of Planning to infuse all city plans with sustainability; he’s worked toward allocating $20 million for new “bicycle boulevards“; and he’s started a pilot program for clean energy retrofitting.

Adams has proven that even in slow economic times, he’s still moving Portland forward as a Fast City.

full interview here


Elegant Personalization

1 Jun

Peter Lindbergh’s Engraved Macbook ~ designed by Jona Cerwinske
gift given by: Sean “Diddy” Combs

more pics (via Garance)

Movie Peg

29 May

i have always had an appreciation for simple ingenuity!  (via Cool Hunting)

NY Times | The Decade’s Best Designs

23 Jan

i truly love design. Whether it’s in fashion, architecture, or technology. Design is the substantial icing on the cake. A great way to add personality. Check out the New York Times The Decade’s Best Designs.

Thomas Pink || Commuter Tie

23 Sep


Thomas Pink have made their successful Commuter Tie part of their permanent collection. The Thomas Pink Commuter Tie resembles a regular tie but features a unique pocket behind it designed to hold an iPod Nano with the headphones concealed behind the tie when not in use. The tie has been adapted from season to season to hold the different iPod Nano shapes as well as new colors being offered. The Commuter Tie is available exclusively from Thomas Pink stores. (via Sybarites)

11 Sep


i’ve used this site for only a day so far and i’m already in love with it. In their words:

“a place where you can find out great new ways to be more productive using the power of the internet and the great tools that are available for you laptop, desktop and mobile phone! is devoted to using innovative means to increase productivity and quality time in our daily lives. We are always looking at the Internet for inventive ideas, or trying out software, books, mobile gadgets, and other leading-edge products/tools that can help our readers stay focused, accomplish tasks, and achieve goals. “

Zapoint || the LifeChart™

10 Sep


If you are interested in maintaining a Production || Production Capacity balance, Zapoint has solved your problem. They even have something for the young ladder climber looking to crack that glass ceiling. “the LifeChart™ charts the career of a young professional. Time is shown on the x-axis and a point index, which represents the value of achievements attained, is on the y-axis. The orange line accounts for educational experiences and the blue for professional.”

If you’re serious about the growth of you personal career or your business please scour Zapoint & Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms.