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Inspiring Photos

19 Jun


Eurocopter Mercedes EC145 Luxury Helicopter

29 May

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Eurocopter has unveiled a new luxury version of their EC145 Helicopter in collaboration with Mercedes. The EC145 is a twin-engine turbine helicopter with a spacious cabin which can accommodate up to eight passengers with comfortable seats, and a storage room for several pieces of luggage. The interior features splendid wood fittings for the floors and ceilings; the latest development of Mercedes can be seen in cockpit design with a sophisticated electrical system built. The Eurocopter Mercedes EC145 Luxury Helicopter is available for order now with deliveries commencing in 2011.

Avoid the Becoming

27 May

Refined Hiatus

1 Jan

i hadn’t realized i had been gone from blogging on the Sophistikaet™ for so long. But it was a very well deserved hiatus if i must say so myself. Don’t know if i still have any frequent guest on the blog after having not updated in awhile, though if you’re still with me i appreciate it. So much has happened in the past months (& year) or so that have allowed me other opportunities. i returned home from Europe, the basketball took off amongst the other ventures i had in my back pocket that i would love to share with you.

For those of you who have come to this sight regularly, you’ve known of my plans to turn the Sophistikaet™ into an eMagazine that will focus on the journey of up & comers in every facet of life. With the recent shift in publication & with how fast information travels these days, the time seems almost divine that i begin this endeavor NOW. if you are looking for exposure of any kind , as i am as well , please email me your info, what you do, and how you’d like to be presented on the blog until the eMagazine gets underway.

In addition to the eMagazine, i’ve also began building the umbrella lifestyle brand company, Like Minds LLC., with my friends & partners that will house multiple endeavors such as a marketing/advertising/PR firm, events, clothing (Trust Fund™), non-profits, consultation, & much much more. The foundation of it all comes from the unique journey my friends and i have traveled together thus far and our unique friendship as well_ All For One invites you along as we stumble, pesevere, & succeed all on our blog The Beanstalk Oath.

Until the eMagazine is up & running and i can began changing the direction according to the vision, i will now continue to blog as i have in the past on Sophistikaet with the Material Interest & Inspirations i come across daily that affect and influence a lot of what i produce.

Thank you all for bearing with me through the massive metamorphisis !!

“Walk, Don’t Run!”
Horace H. Wormely

Bare With Me

23 May

i apologize to all that have still be checking the blog for updates. i was in between transitions both creativitely and professionally moving back to the States from Germany as well as building an ePublished magazine loosely based on the blog “about the up & coming, for the up & coming!”

for those who wish to be featured or wish to have something featured please contact me at

thank you all for baring with me… the blog will be back in action asap!


24 Apr


The Global Language Monitor claims our lexicon will welcome its millionth word in the coming weeks; other experts disagree. Whenever it does occur, will the millionth word be something from the business world, like “carpocalypse,” describing the state of the automotive industry? Or from Hollywood, like “momager,” the mother of a celebrity who also serves as business manager? In these stories, we look at our changing language and highlight some of the new words that have entered it. Read on and you won’t be an ugsome noob.


14 Jan


Sorry for the slow blog posts lately but, bare with me. i needed and wanted to get from behind the computer for a little bit and just enjoy the element that was in. So, why not share a little of that with you. i was in my favorite city, Munich, and spent some time on my favorite street, Maximilian Strasse (not pictured), while having a meal with some friends at my favorite bistrorante, Külisse Theatre Restaurant. Enjoy all the pictures. Comments welcomed!

Let the blogging commence!

P.s. i’ll have a more in-depth post (or Sophisticate™ article) on the Külisse Theatre Restaurant and Maximillian Strasse. Yeaaaaaah man!