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Malvern House

12 Feb


Location: Melborne, Australia

Designer: Greg Gong

With a rebuilt third bedroom that adds more space, a spacious open kitchen, glass walls, a beautiful living room with a classy fireplace, modern furnishings and furniture, the home certainly reflects the modern lifestyle and standard considering this home is updated from it’s original 1930s status.


Dolphin Chefs

30 Jan


CANBERRA – Dolphins are the chefs of the seas, having been seen going through precise and elaborate preparations to rid cuttlefish of ink and bone to produce a soft meal of calamari, Australian scientists say.

A wild female Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin was observed going through the same series of complicated steps to prepare cuttlefish prey for eating in the Spencer Gulf, in South Australia state.

“It’s a sign of how well their brains are developed. It’s a pretty clever way to get pure calamari without all the horrible bits,” Mark Norman, the curator of mollusks at Museum Victoria and a research team member, told the Canberra Times newspaper.

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Future Wooden House

10 Dec


Location: Sydney, Australia
Architect: Xenian

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Hideaway Island House

29 Nov


Location: Noosa region of Australia’s Sunshine Coast
Architect: Frank Macchia

4 bedroom 4 bathroom available for auction January 10th, 2009.

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