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Nationalization: A Step Closer

26 Mar


Finally, after a year of delays, the Treasury secretary and the Fed chairman have agreed about the need for a new insolvency regime for systemically important financial institutions (bank holding companies and non-bank financial institutions). This new insolvency regime will allow government to take over in an orderly way–as opposed to a disorderly Lehman-like bankruptcy–insolvent systemically important financial institutions.

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Euro. Pounds. the Dollar

14 Oct

After a fourteen hour flight, i finally arrived back in Germany (Landshut, Bayern) after having been home for the past three weeks. I’m here playing with a team in the 2.BBL Pro B called TG Renesas Landshut. Anywho, i flew from LAX straight into London, UK which amounted to ten hours of my fourteen hour flight. i didn’t sleep until about an hour left on the flight spending the majority of my time watching the in-flight movies. They had a surprisingly nice collection of movies too. it was a fairly quick and peaceful flight nonetheless. When we arrived in London, America’s financial reality set in again.

i walked around the airport, went into a couple stores and forgot, my dollar isn’t worth crap here. The Pound, the strongest currency in the world, in relation to the dollar is $1.74. Try buying something for 30 pounds that you’re use to being 30 dollars. it can be very frustrating. Thank God i don’t live here in the United Kingdom. Not that it gets any better in Germany (Europe period). The Euro in comparison to the dollar is $1.36.

One of the challenges for me in traveling is, mindset. Just to lend some advice and experience to those who haven’t traveled abroad, traveling is more mental than it is physical (i guess like anything else). Learning how to break up flight time when traveling for many hours is key. I’ve learned to plan out what you’re going to do on the plane and try to stick to it as best you can. For example, 2hrs of reading, 3 movies, eat, bathroom, stretch, sleep (lots of this), etc. Also, always find out your gate and boarding time while on the plane, if you ever have to connect flights. You don’t want to miss your connecting flight because you get caught up in customs or security. Know ahead of time where you’re going, when you get there you can check out the shops or rest.

Although, what i have yet to conquer mentally is viewing the Euro or the Pound as expensive. in order for me to survive here, i have to accept the Dollar as just being cheap. if you compare everything to what it would cost in the States, you’d drive yourself crazy trying to live in Europe for a long period of time and even moreso if you are only here for a short vacation.

Step #1: Get Your Passport
to all my fellow jetsetters, please get your passports. As the world gets smaller by the minute with technology, mass media, and outsourcing America is so far behind in education on foreign affairs (both political & social) ye the rest of the world knows all about us. We can no longer carry the conceded stigma that America has had for so long. Get out and view the world. That doesn’t always mean jumping on the plane either. Get on the net and read about a country but let that eventually lead to you physically being in a different atmosphere.

Anyway, it’s been a long day for me… and it’s currently 9:41am here in Germany though my body is operating on 12:41am PST, i have a press conference in 50 minutes so my day will be even longer. hopefully later i’m going to try to get some sleep.