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Vashon Cabin

27 May

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This interesting house plan called “Vashon Cabin” belongs to Vandeventer + Carlander Architects and is located in Vashon Island, Washington, USA. The challenge was to turn around the looks and the functionality of an existing one level cabin. Due to serious building restrictions, the architects had to come up with a viable solution that would increase the space of the residence, without changing the cabin’s lot coverage. The result: an ingenious addition in the shape of a wooden box, which was “attached” to the main structure. Intriguing enough, the auxiliary project includes a master bedroom, a bathroom and the kitchen. But what we like most about the unusual “box” is the fact that the architects managed to blend it with the “mother” structure by taking an original and clever approach. (via Freshome)


Free Spirit Spheres

10 Sep


by Tom Chudleigh
Inventor, Manufacturer and Distributor of Free Spirit Spheres

The “Spherical Tree House” concept borrows heavily from sailboat construction and rigging practice. It’s a marriage of tree house and sailboat technology. Wooden spheres are built much like a cedar strip canoe or kayak. Suspension points are similar to the chain plate attachments on a sailboat. Stairways hang from a tree much like a sailboat shroud hangs from the mast.

Spherical architecture has many unconventional features. Conventional buildings separate walls, ceiling and floor with hard lines. In a sphere the walls and ceiling merge into one. The function changes but the form remains the same. It is a unified structure with one continuous wall. I call this uniwall construction. There are only 2 sides to a sphere, inside and outside.

for more info & pics visit Free Spirit Spheres

italian Class

15 Mar


Designer: Bestetti Associati Studio

Furnished by: B & B Italia

With simple straight lines, a very basic cubical design, ambient lighting, elegant use of wood and grand floor to ceiling glass windows, the exquisite interior certainly screams class. Brilliant space utilization and the simple design make it a stunning showpiece of the very best from Italy.

Yorkville Residence

20 Feb


Location: Yorkville, Toronto CA

Designer: Taylor Smith

the unique presence (3500 square feet) is only enhanced by a beautiful dark exterior that gets grander as you step inside. With one wall opening up into a private courtyard adored in Ipe decking with a pool and a hot tub and with spacious interiors, it’s the generous use of glass and stone along with modern accessories that add further to the dazzle of the beautiful adobe.

dRMM Sliding House

5 Feb

Designer: dRMM

Locations: Suffolk, England

three separate structures, and a garage that are unified by a sliding wall which can envelop them together. the outer wall of the house moves along a 28 meter track and can sit over any part of main house’s 16-meters linear frame, or move to cover any part of the 7-meter annex, or the open space in front of the 5 meter garage. A greenhouse looking structure is part of the main house, but is built in such a way that it almost looks like its own entity. More Info

Ridgewood Residence

21 Jan


Designers: Assembledge

Location: Los Angeles (Larchmont), California

Beuth Residence

8 Jan


Location: Blue Jays Way, CA

Designer: Zoltan E. Pali of SPF Architects

Zoltan E. Pali invested time and energy to come up with an amazing building built to thrill. With a light frame, large windows mixed with wood, offering amazing panoramic views over the Pacific, the structure mixes the entertaining components like the screening room, the billiards room, gymnasium, wine cellar, or the disco lounge, with the living space.