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Ivy League Jazz

4 Mar


Sometime around 1954, jazz great Miles Davis walked into the Andover Shop, a small haberdashery in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and single-handedly turned the world of style upside down. Just as his groundbreaking album Milestones (celebrating it’s 50th anniversary next year) changed music, that afternoon in Cambridge shifted men’s fashion.

Miles emerged from the store clad head to toe in traditional “Ivy League”–style clothing, and in so doing merged two separate worlds—those of the establishment and the black jazz artist—as if fusing two dissonant notes to create a bold new harmony. The result was a crashing chord of cool that obliterated the line between square and hip, sounding a fashion fortissimo that lasted several years before fading into the silence of pop-culture obscurity.

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Kitty Hoff

21 Jan


A part of the blessing of living abroad is embracing and emerging yourself in the culture and everything it has to offer. In my opinion, everyone’s culture is truly unique even in our similarities as people which makes life all the better. For example, music. Jazz is jazz everywhere in the world but a culture’s interpretation of something doesn’t necessarily make it better or worse but absolutely intriguing!

I had the privilege in my quest for all things unlike my culture, to run across an extraordinary jazz musician by the name of Kitty Hoff, and her band Forêt-Noire, hailing from Berlin, Germany. Although, i know you won’t be able to understand much (if any) of what she’s saying, the vibe of the music her and her band created is supreme. This doesn’t at all take away from her lyrical content and substance either. My favorite song of hers, Ewigkeiten (Forever), talks about one’s own wisdom not being enough to see in the darkness and how it causes us to stumble. She asks the question, “how long will it take for you to fall from the many times you keep stumbling in the dark?” I love it because she doesn’t state anything other than a question, which forces one to think rather than be defensive. Ewigkeiten ends with her stating that “she can’t wait any longer because eternity is too long, so if you have some direction, a word or thought, give it to [her.] You never know when the next [opportunity] will present itself.” or in German…

“Weißt du, ich kann nicht mehr warten. Die Ewigkeit ist viel zu lang.  Hast du eine Vision, sag mir, wohin du gehst. Was ist der nächste Schritt, das nächste Wort, wenn du dann vor mir stehst Wann, glaubst du, öffnet sich die nächste große Tür Wenn jemand dir ein Leben lang vertraut, was gibst du ihm dafür!”

If you get a chance, check her out on myspace or on her website.

Also, on her myspace, you can click lyrics at the top of the media player. Copy & paste them here and it can help you get a better idea of what she’s talking about. Though, it can really only be understood and appreciated in its essence and entirety, in the language it’s written and performed in!