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Spoof or Truth?

7 Jan

“i rhyme words like beetlejuice, beetlejuice” lol


What’s G?

5 Jan

Part 1

Part 2

This is an iconic commercial. Minus Lil Wayne! And here’s why:

a) You have iconic figures like Jackie Robinson and Muhammad Ali, who did so much more beyond their respective sports for the black community and society at large. They stood on integrity and held closely to their convictions for what was right,  for a cause beyond them and did it with a level of class and respectability that made you appreciate them as men. Lil Wayne has not done anything remotely close to resembling the credibility and integrity of these men who sacrificed their lives and their lifestyles for players like Plaxico Buress and “PacMan” Jones to make millions of dollars and continue being the stereotypic black athletes, who don’t appreciate the legacy of what came before them. Lil Wayne speaks nothing of nor sacrifices anything for a “greater” cause nor does he represent that.

b) Next, you have living legendary figures like Bill Russel, Michael Jordan, and Tiger Woods who have transcended their respective sports by consistently winning coupled with an off the court/course class and elegance unparalleled at their respective times. Whether it be a classic style, elegant articulation, or pushing the envelope (with some artistic integrity) they have all raised the bar for the next generation to attain. And may i add, they all worked and continue to work extremely hard, mastering their crafts while continuously defering themselves from the limelight! Lil Wayne, again, does nothing remotely close to what i’ve written about any of the aforementioned men. He constantly glamorizes the use of drugs, violence, and alcohol and quite honestly hasn’t transcended any part of hip hop thus far.

Each person in this Gatorade commercial has done something unthinkable, unpredictible, represented their country, represented and sacrificed for something they felt convicted about, gave of their lives, bodies, soul, and mind daily as most world class athletes do, and Gatorade chooses Lil Wayne to be the voice of these individuals?

I’m disgusted because i believe their marketing team went “trend” or attempted to be “urban” to grab the attention of all genre’s, ages, and class with this title, “What’s G?”, which is somewhat disrespectful in my eyes, and the use of Lil Wayne as the voice over. When, the substance of the people in the commercial was more than enough. Because that was not what this commercial interpreted visually.  And since i cannot glaring state my angst with Lil Wayne and not give an alternative here are a few suggestions for the voice of those who are readily identifiable and iconic in their own right:

  • Denzel Washington
  • James Earl Jones
  • Morgan Freeman
  • Don Cheadle
  • Forrest Whitaker

i know there are so many more i’m missing but i guarantee whoever it is, they’d probably represent these athletes better than Lil Wayne.

Sidenote: i also have a problem with this lower case “god” business because the men which that word was so metaphorically attached to never even gave off that aura of considering themselves as a “lower case god.” And i’m from Pasadena… the home of Jackie Robinson, and i know many of his family members and close friends of his family and that man was as humble of an athlete of his caliber as you could quite possibly be. It’s hard to think of yourself as a “lowercase god” when men, who couldn’t do an ounce of what you’re doing, are denying you food, calling you a monkey, spitting on you, etc. and you patiently show the strength and will of an “UPPERCASE MAN”