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Marcus Troy x Nike Bespoke Air Force 1

7 Jan

For those of you that know_ i’m a large supporter of capturing the journey of any excursion involving creativity. Especially, since that’s what the Sophisticate is founded upon. I love when people are encouraged and given the opportunity to mix class with ingenuity. You end up with great product and great stories like this one ! View the video and enjoy.

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Nike T-Shirt Gun

8 Jul


 these are were on sale for $1500

So Icy

22 Jan

af1whiteice2Coldest sneaks ever, pun intended!
more pics here

Re-mixed & Re-cut

20 Dec




Designed by: Nancy Wu for Nike

a student of the Art Center College of Design in good ole Pasadena. the college that has birthed many heavyweights in the industry. That’s what that good ole Pasadena air will do to you… Make you artistic, and cough a lot lol! Sidenote: See Mrs. Siner, i’m not the only one who wants their feet out with a tennis shoe feel. First Kiroic, now Nike!

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After Six

1 Nov

For those of you who thought marketing have gone too far, well… it’s gone ever further. Imagine how long of a way sports athletes have come from just participating in their respective field to global icons. From Tiger Woods to Danica Patrick, athletes have transcended their sport into the mainstream markets. And wehn it comes to all things marketing, especially shoes, Michael Jordan certainly ushered in a new era, standing on the shoulders of some great players. Now players like Lebron James are standing on Jordan’s shoulders. Though, the shoes nowadays have nowhere near the quality, style, and design of those in the past (the Jordans, Penny’s, Barkley’s) we see that hype is much larger than the product’s productivity itself!

I do have to admit as a marketer myself, this commercial is disasterously funny and amusing. Not only is it clever but it adds the old cliche of “sex sells” by featuring Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger. Lebron is definitely a comical athlete who has the ability, on and off the court, to go beyond what Michael Jordan has done for all athletes. With all this being said, i can’t really tell if the shoe looks good nor do we know if the shoe is a good shoe. But… we all know. THAT DOESN’T MATTER! Millions of kids around the world are going to rob, steal, kill, beg, and borrow to get these shoes. 

on the lighter side tho… “You got me smiling, i don’t smile. Got me expressing, i don’t express” ha ha ha i don’t know who wrote that for Lebron but you deserve and Emmy or a Golden Globe! Hi-LARIOUS-NESS!