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Designing Obama | The Book

18 Sep


The Obama presidential campaign was innovative. For the first time in American politics, a candidate used art and design to bring together the American people—capturing their voices in a visual way.

The Design Director of the Obama campaign, Scott Thomas, has collaborated with artists and designers to create Designing Obama, a chronicle of the art from the historic campaign. Get the inside story on how design was used by the campaign, and scope out the pieces, created unofficially, by grassroots supporters.

The 360-page book is full-color and hardbound, highly crafted with an embossed sleeve. Forewords written by Steven Heller and Michael Bierut.

If you would like to order multiple copies please pledge the total for the quantity you desire and email orders@designing-obama.com.


the People

1 Dec


1 Samuel 8

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Obama Hustle

20 Oct

in a previous blog i posted entitled ‘ONE VOICE’ i mentioned the unity of the seniors in America and how precious and loudly their voices are heard in any political campaign. My father sent me an email of a perfect display of what i was saying. Not only are they having fun with it, they’re getting excercise, and they’re maximizing their individual vote with strength in numbers. In any other election or vote on certain laws or rights, they’re doing the exact same thing. So young people, young voters especially, please take heed!

Disclaimer: i am in no way, shape, or form, endorsing Obama. I do like some of the things that he speaks on, but i’ve learned to never get too excited over politicians. I hope he if he gets elected, he does his best to do right by the American citizens and the world. The same that i wish McCain to do if he were to get elected. In any event, check out the video… Enjoy!

Obama Hustle