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La MJC | Lacoste

25 Jun

“Fluctat nec Mergitur”, an old Latin phrase translated to mean “The boat rocks but never sinks”, is not only a metaphor of a mental twister (pointing to something about determination and survival, perhaps?), but also the motto of Paris, and present in the city’s coat of arms depicting a ship floating on rough seas. In the spirit of surviving through tumultuous waves, and everything that’s authentically Paris, nothing can represent the iconic Parisian creativity, lifestyle and attitude more than creative collective, La MJC. Drawing forces from two French icons, La MJC and heritage sportswear label, Lacoste, the duo has partnered up to create a fresh pair of nautical-inspired kicks for the summer, based on Lacoste’s signature low-top Broadwick model.


Dromarti Leather Cycling Shoes

15 Feb

dromarti-leather-cycling-shoes-front Dromarti Leather Cycling Shoes

Dromarti of London produces a trifecta of cycling shoes to appease the businessman who would rather look dapper on the bike than sport. Choose from three models – Sportivo (shown above), Race, and Storica.

Dromarti also develops cycling clothing and their own custom bespoke Italian bicycles. An absolute must for the  tweed and trad cyclists who prefers clipless. (Via Selectism)

Gillie Sneaker

9 Feb


by Needles (via Jake Davis)


10 Jan

lv_perfsPerforations?!?! This is absolutely terrible. i hate trends and this is exactly what that is. Thes perforated, leather shoes are from Louis Vuitton but i don’t care if Louis XIV made these, they’re horrible! This is the shoe you purchase because it’s the trend or it’s in style for a season, then you throw them in the back of your closet and tell your kids about why you purchased those ridiculous shoes. Just my opinion.

Re-mixed & Re-cut

20 Dec




Designed by: Nancy Wu for Nike

a student of the Art Center College of Design in good ole Pasadena. the college that has birthed many heavyweights in the industry. That’s what that good ole Pasadena air will do to you… Make you artistic, and cough a lot lol! Sidenote: See Mrs. Siner, i’m not the only one who wants their feet out with a tennis shoe feel. First Kiroic, now Nike!

via Hypebeast

Vogue, Don’t Walk!

20 Dec


Though i’ve renounced my “sneakerheadism” (i’m still on Niketalk) there still remains some residue. Of course, no one can just go without a good pair of sneakers so i bring to you my ‘go-to’ brand these days, True Ambition. Solid material blends, complimenting colorways, and a sophisticated structure. These shoes haven’t really even blown up yet, which is why the La Verdad is only $85 ($75 for the lowtops.) i don’t usually give out brands that i like, so don’t say i’ve never put you on something, lol! Guess its the sneakerhead in me. check their newly updated collection here.

bontoni2i’m not too fond of fashion trends so i don’t know when the wingtip ever went out of style to have to make a re-appearance, but the classic shoe in my opinion is a fashion staple along with the cashmere cardigan. This hand-made, wingtip is brought to you by Bontoni, an Italian shoemaker, owned and operated by Lewis S. Cutillo and Franco Gazzani has blossomed in the last 5years making itself an elite brand of shoe. “For the gentlemen who prefers to wear his individuality somewhere other than his sleeve.” Sometimes, you just have to wear these with no socks. Sidenote: if you have to ask the price… it won’t be nice!

hol-jet-moc-linen-alligator-trimSoon to be an hmb staple, Harrys of London’s linen Jet Moc with Alligator trim, is a Jetsetter’s essential. A few things i’ve learned to have while jetsetting is a duffel bag (hence the name hmb) with selected goodies, an unstructured blazer for all intensive purposes, a nice polo shirt (preferably Lacoste or RL Polo), some nice slacks, i prefer the light khaki (wrinkle free), and now the HOL mocassin slides. Because man do your feet hurt walking form terminal to terminal! These won’t run you much ($235 lol) for what you’ll get out of them. They’re a true investment for a true Jetsetter!


i’m a firm believer in every fashionably inclined person having atleast one piece of apparel that either: 1) standouts, pushes the envelope, is eclectic, just plain different, or that no one else would even bother purchasing or attempt to try to make work. And Kiroic has made that article of fashionry for me. I love this Hi-top Shlandal (Shoe – Sandal) especially for the summer time in Los Angeles. The thong sandal is nice but it can hurt and leave unsitely marks between the toes. Also, i better not see anyone dawning a pair of Chincletas (spell check please). i don’t care how much money you make. This shlandal has both ankle support, style, and gives those dawgs much needed air circulation to breathe after getting off that 14hour flight from Munich, lol! No price on these, but who cares. You either cop ’em or you don’t!! Sidenote: Kiroic has an assortment of styles and colorways too…

ysltributeplatformFor the sophisticated woman… the YSL Tribute Platform… Goodness Gracious!

After Six

1 Nov

For those of you who thought marketing have gone too far, well… it’s gone ever further. Imagine how long of a way sports athletes have come from just participating in their respective field to global icons. From Tiger Woods to Danica Patrick, athletes have transcended their sport into the mainstream markets. And wehn it comes to all things marketing, especially shoes, Michael Jordan certainly ushered in a new era, standing on the shoulders of some great players. Now players like Lebron James are standing on Jordan’s shoulders. Though, the shoes nowadays have nowhere near the quality, style, and design of those in the past (the Jordans, Penny’s, Barkley’s) we see that hype is much larger than the product’s productivity itself!

I do have to admit as a marketer myself, this commercial is disasterously funny and amusing. Not only is it clever but it adds the old cliche of “sex sells” by featuring Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger. Lebron is definitely a comical athlete who has the ability, on and off the court, to go beyond what Michael Jordan has done for all athletes. With all this being said, i can’t really tell if the shoe looks good nor do we know if the shoe is a good shoe. But… we all know. THAT DOESN’T MATTER! Millions of kids around the world are going to rob, steal, kill, beg, and borrow to get these shoes. 

on the lighter side tho… “You got me smiling, i don’t smile. Got me expressing, i don’t express” ha ha ha i don’t know who wrote that for Lebron but you deserve and Emmy or a Golden Globe! Hi-LARIOUS-NESS!