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The Snow Boot || My New Steez

26 Jun

i know everyone is currently from a different planet, outerspace, Mars, galactic_ & for one i must say i don’t mind the analogies. It’s one thing to say it, & it’s another to completely embody taking your mind to another place & physically manifesting the thoughts you deliberately hold in your conscious and sub-conscious mind- it’s called Auto Suggestion!

The mix of style & art that the snow boot has evolved into is a perfect ‘physical manifestation’ of how i see a young man like myself being able to bridge the gap in garment representation. Enough said?! – it’ll have to do for now lol !!

The shoe Pharrell is wearing is called the Zoom Force 1 *Special Edition* Danny Kass “Double Tongue”

the top shoe is the Burton x Disney Collaboration “Tron: Legacy” – the shoe below is the Nike Zoom Kaiju