Cultured is not adorning designer labels from five different countries, partaking in several different meals from regions stretching across the globe. It’s not collecting art from world renown artists nor is it possessing multiple expensive vehicles. Yes, these things are symbolisms of a culture. The finished product of what has derived from troubled pasts, a little ingenuity, and intellect in situations both strenuous and facile. But they are, in no way, a defining element of one being cultured. Cultured is the understanding and comprehensive relationship to the people who embody that very culture. Connecting to those people, which the culture they embody, possibly serves as their principle, fundamental foundation of how they live life, develop ideas, and birth forth both helpful and harmful seeds into society at large. (By the way, here’s where stereotypes are born as well. another culture not fully understanding their human counterparts.)

One of the most important aspects of being cultured is knowing the “why” and having the ability to explain the “why.” The why behind how the popular and unpopular attributes were formed and their importance to people in the culture and out, from the perspective of the people who embody that culture. The most important variable in being a cultured individual is pulling from a culture, its positive characteristics, and applying them to your personality or way of life while maintaining the positive characteristics of your own culture — The perfect blend of cultures that makes a well-rounded individual and makes those aforementioned symbols of culture truly cool through respect and appreciation.

Becoming a cultured, well-rounded individual comes with a collection of experiences over a period of time, which is what I hope to bring to you from my own experiences. Not to make you cultured but to inspire an open mind towards cultures through the best way I’ve learned… Hence the name “WALK, DON’T RUN!”



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