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24 Apr


The Global Language Monitor claims our lexicon will welcome its millionth word in the coming weeks; other experts disagree. Whenever it does occur, will the millionth word be something from the business world, like “carpocalypse,” describing the state of the automotive industry? Or from Hollywood, like “momager,” the mother of a celebrity who also serves as business manager? In these stories, we look at our changing language and highlight some of the new words that have entered it. Read on and you won’t be an ugsome noob.


The Brooklyn Circus

18 Apr



Astonishing line, Inspiring blog. Simply the way fashion is suppose to be!

Bill Gates: Electromagnetic Generator Patent

16 Apr


Mr. William H. Gates, III is listed as one of the inventors on a recent patent application for an “Electromagnetic engine.” According to the filing at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the contraption somehow “converts mechanical energy of a piston to and from electrical energy during each piston cycle.” There are two engine designs illustrated in the patent, and the basic premise of both is to combine the electrical generating capabilities of a generator with the moving pistons of an internal combustion engine.

Also on the patent filing is a design for a “plasma injector.” Ostensibly a replacement for a spark plug, the plasma injector would kick off “a chemical reaction” (think: combustion cycle) that would be required to get the piston moving in the first place. It’s all rather interesting stuff, and if you’ve got an hour or two (or ten) to digest it, click here.

This stuff sounds like it belongs on the Jetsons!


13 Apr


Nothing more elegant and sophisticated to see in the Spring time.

the Ralph Lauren Book

13 Apr

rlbookA coffee table essential for those with a keen appreciation for the world of Ralph Lauren, this eponymous book celebrates Lauren’s commitment and dedication to the fashion world. The breathtaking volume shares an intimate view of Lauren’s professional evolution, design philosophy and personal passions with over 700 illustrations and photographs spanning four decades. From designing and selling ties out of a drawer in the Empire State Building to an ever-expanding exploration of American style, The Ralph Lauren Book offers a unique glimpse into his life and work.

price: $135

His Airness

11 Apr

Corner Frame

9 Apr



The Wrap Around the Corner Frame can hold up to 12 photos of various shapes and sizes, and is the perfect frame for a montage of your favorite vacation photos, a collage of your most smiley friends, or portraits of your cat taken every month for a year. ( via Photojojo)