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Lay Off RIM!!

27 Jan


i don’t know what all the negative commotion is about over the Storm. i purchased one in November and have loved it ever since. it’s a first generation phone, and i never purchased the first generation of any technological device, but decided to go out on a limb with a reputable RIM phone and couldn’t be happier.

There are some things that can be improved on (like any other thing in life) but for what i paid (25 Euro) it made me my money back in an hour. i talk to all my folks back home on the BBM (blackberry messenger), i can email my family and friends at anytime, i keep in contact with my connects here in Europe, and the fun functionalities aren’t shabby either. The Youtube always comes in handy on rides to away games and for quick trips to Munich (and my roommates trips to Cologne) the Vodafind GPS Navigation is ridiculously nice.

i could’ve survived here in Europe without it, but i live much easier with it! if anyone asked me, i’d tell them to get it and stay on top of the software updates because they only improve the functions on your phone. My only gripe is, the battery life. Because with all the things you can use on the phone in an hours time, it easily takes up the battery life. But i’m sure they’ll get that right on the next one or atleast offer a bigger battery for purchase!


Still hmb

7 Dec


They jacked H Money Bagz for all his money bags (and things included). Passport, Bank Cards, Visa, the BB Storm, a couple Euros, but most importantly “the Money Bagz!!”

thankfully, we have emergency numbers to shutdown cards, phones, and a Consulate to get a replacement Passport (i feel like the Chinese dude in Rush Hour 3) but the feeling of having something stolen is uber helplessness, especially in a foreign country. Ahh well… i’m still hmb!

BB Storm

26 Nov


the Blackberry Storm is incredible and it’s not your average touchscreen. if you’re a bb enthusiast then you’ll enjoy this phone and appreciate the progression of RIM.