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The Snow Boot || My New Steez

26 Jun

i know everyone is currently from a different planet, outerspace, Mars, galactic_ & for one i must say i don’t mind the analogies. It’s one thing to say it, & it’s another to completely embody taking your mind to another place & physically manifesting the thoughts you deliberately hold in your conscious and sub-conscious mind- it’s called Auto Suggestion!

The mix of style & art that the snow boot has evolved into is a perfect ‘physical manifestation’ of how i see a young man like myself being able to bridge the gap in garment representation. Enough said?! – it’ll have to do for now lol !!

The shoe Pharrell is wearing is called the Zoom Force 1 *Special Edition* Danny Kass “Double Tongue”

the top shoe is the Burton x Disney Collaboration “Tron: Legacy” – the shoe below is the Nike Zoom Kaiju


La MJC | Lacoste

25 Jun

“Fluctat nec Mergitur”, an old Latin phrase translated to mean “The boat rocks but never sinks”, is not only a metaphor of a mental twister (pointing to something about determination and survival, perhaps?), but also the motto of Paris, and present in the city’s coat of arms depicting a ship floating on rough seas. In the spirit of surviving through tumultuous waves, and everything that’s authentically Paris, nothing can represent the iconic Parisian creativity, lifestyle and attitude more than creative collective, La MJC. Drawing forces from two French icons, La MJC and heritage sportswear label, Lacoste, the duo has partnered up to create a fresh pair of nautical-inspired kicks for the summer, based on Lacoste’s signature low-top Broadwick model.

Missoni || Pellegrino

21 Jun

Italian brand San Pellegrino presents a collaboration with Italian fashion house Missoni. The lables feature the Missoni branding and the bottle also comes in a special sleeve, designed by the brand.

” a glass of vino, a pellegrino for chaser ” – Chion Press (excerpt from Munich Nights)


18 Jun

The Goyard Book

18 Jun

French trunk maker Goyard has released a book with publisher Devambez which illustrates the brand’s heritage. The Goyard Book features more than two hundred pages featuring photographs and descriptions of all the greatest achievements by Goyard since starting in 1792. The book comes in a specially designed Goyard trunk available to order in any of Goyard’s standard colors. Only 223 editions will be printed and is available for purchase through private appointment only. (via Sybarites)

“Pack Light” | Tumi’s CEO, Jerome Griffith

18 Jun

Read the WSJ article here.

Jesus Loves Me

9 Jun

On one of my many excursions across the internet, attempting to find the things that still have their essence of genuine love, hard work, creativity, & ingenuity in their craft, i’ve come across a label who’s message i not only support & believe in but whose clothes i also like. Please take a glance at Jesus Loves Me’s website & tell me what you think. They’re an upstart company hailing from the UK!

Sidenote: The e-magazine that this blog will eventually become, will be based upon the foundation of efforts like these. Not so much the faith base, but from the basis of up & coming people in various fields who need & deserve recognition for their work. i believe that we’re so focus on the Louis Vuitton’s & Mercedes-Benz’s of the market that we can’t notice the wealth in art & creation pass the symbolism of wealth!