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27 May

If you run through some of my old post (preferably in the Duffels section) you’ll see that i am a fan of Jetsettery™ and that i love Duffel bags. Well, i’m still a fan of duffels but i’m slowly moving towards the use of Rucksacks. Yes, they look cool, but the functionalities of my life have changed & rucksacks seem to fit that change quite perfectly. Here’s a good one from Archival. (i’ve already placed an order on them myself) They’re all over the net, so make sure you hunt them down and order yourself one before they run out!


Grey Goose & Baccarat Travel Case

9 Apr



Grey Goose have partnered with Baccarat to create this travel case for their Grey Goose Vodka. The case is made of grey alcantara and has a leather handle which complements the Grey Goose theme. The case comes with two Baccarat crystal tumblers in which to enjoy the Vodka. The case is thermally insulated so the vodka can stay cool in it for extended periods of time. The Grey Goose & Baccarat Travel Case is available from Grey Goose suppliers world wide.

(via Sybarites)


22 Feb


Classic Duffeltry (more pics here)

Marc Marmel

5 Feb


i really like the way this bag opens. Don’t know if i can classify it as a duffel but that’s all the better. i can appreciate something that can’t be placed in a box. Though, this one should fit in an overhead bin lol. (Via Selectism)


27 Jan

1209icesheerDude is fly i can’t even lie. i’m not big on very established brands with their logos all on things. But GoYard makes very good jetsetteries™ and their not extremely popular, YET! And of course Fendi makes really nice stuff too but the whole monogram stuff erks me (besides the Gucci monogram jackets where the G’s are kind of hidden, i like those) anyway, this dude rocked his Fendi boots nicely and if anyone finds a pair or knows where i could cop some let me know! And shot out to the duffel bag… Sir Capri, you know i love my duffels lol!!


8 Jan

entermodal-weekenderIf there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that i’m infatuated with duffel bags (and nutella) and this one you see here is from Entermodal via Portland, Oregon. Created and owned by lead designer Larry Olmstead, Entermodal, is “now recognized for timeless design, meticulous attention to detail, use of beautiful materials and a deep committment to environmental sustainability” from Olmstead’s knowledge of ergonomics, his engineering, and passion to create a brand committed and willing to sustainable practices at every level of operation.

What makes Entermodal so unique amongst its peers, is it’s deep understanding of load management, weight transfer, and fit which is found in their revolutionary moulded shoulder strap, that is designed to keep the bag in perfect balance even when moving.flipwalletentermodal

The pocketing and organizational layout of the bag allow for maximum usage and order, and my ultimate favorite design scheme of the bag, is the riveting you see. So that not only the design of it stands out in look, but also stands above in function.

The rivet system employed on each bag facilitate recycling of the bags components, assist in managing the load inside the bag, and insure the structure of the bag is maintained, even when nearly empty.

The structural integrity of a duffel bag is extremely important especially when you quite possibly use it for multiple jobs. Usually, my bagz can be used for basketball or jet setting. In either case, i’ll have shoes in there that will, over time, dismantle the bags structure. Larry, Mr. Olmstead, if you’re reading this, you have a new model/spokesman. Email me!

Dolce & Gabanna

28 Dec


yeah… that’s Crocodile!