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Billionaires in the Building

18 Jun

Billionaires apparently used some of their massive cash piles to get the good seats for last night’s Game 7 of the NBA finals that pitted the Boston Celtics against the Los Angeles Lakers.

It seemed that during every time out, ABC’s cameras panned the crowd to show a bevy of celebrity fans including Jack Nicholson,  Leonardo DiCaprio, Usher, Christina Aguilera–I’ll stop there. The Boston Herald has all the name dropping.

But two of the city’s richest went largely unnoticed during the championship game. Media maven David Geffen (net worth $5 billion) sat courtside to the right of the Laker’s bench. Platinum Equity’s Tom Gores (net worth $2.2 billion) sat so close to the Celtics it seemed that Doc Rivers blocked his view during half the game. (Check out my profile on Tom Gores).

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Billi Beach

29 Dec


Mustique, The Grenadines

Nicknamed “Billionaires’ Island,” this remote Caribbean spot is so exclusive it has only one hotel.

Hot Hotel: Villas are rented out for as much as $150,000 a week.

Fine Dining: Basil’s Bar & Restaurant

Billionaire Visitors: Bill Gates

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