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Spoof or Truth?

7 Jan

“i rhyme words like beetlejuice, beetlejuice” lol



30 Dec

2002, every single morning that year (at least), me and my big brother Mandalay Jay listened to Jay-Z’s All Around the World on our way to do whatever. And just reminiscing on those moments in my black ’96 Honda Civic coupe, i remember just wanting to experience life and culture. And here i am in Germany via California… CALIFORMANY!! and my big bro has his own management company, thanks for the inspiration bro. Shot out to A Different Cloth, Push! Montana & the rest of the Brooklyn family!

Lionel Richie’s All Around the World is dedicated to and inspired by my mother. She never said that “i can” or that “i could” but that “i would” and “i will” so i must! Please listen watch that entire video too by the way. the beautiful woman playing the saxophone and the gentleman playing the violin, murdered their duet!!

also, Jay-Z’s All Around the World drum cover was performed by sh*tbeat,  youtube him!

“das ist leben” – hmb