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Hamster Will

23 Jan


inspired by my kid bro. – check him out.

Hamster Will‘ is a literal and metaphoric play on words that describes me, thus my new blog, in a nutshell. We’ve all seen hamsters in a cage vigorously running on a wheel. Sometimes powering an ultrasonic heating ray that destroys the molecular structure of a reindeer antler, which possesses the cure for cancerous cells in the human body. Or like the average person, you’ve seen them running on a wheel for no reason at all.

The same principle is evident in myself. my brain runs the same on a daily basis. For many odd or indifferent reasons. Maybe something important happens, or for no particular reason at all.  But all you know is, you see the hamster running. And it’s not until after the hamster has ran for awhile that you understand the purpose of its running and the intent the hamster ran with.

In like manner, envision the will of the hamster. Some may look at the hamster and just think it’s running because it’s a neandrathalic species and find it mundane. Others see its running as necessary and find it valuable, like the scientists behind the cancerous cell cure. For whatever reason the hamster is running, what we can’t figure out is what keeps the hamster running with vehement intent and purpose? is it for amusement? exercise? or is it really a neandrathalic species?

i too, run with this vehement intent and purpose. Some know the reason behind it, others can’t even visualize why i would run that fervently for this reason. But regardless what it’s in, whether in a cage, powering an ultrasonic ray or in some kid’s room, amusing them, the unseen purpose keeps my wills/wheels spinning.


Living: The Bike

4 Jan

wvbikeSeeing as I didn’t learn to ride a bike until I was twelve (Yeah i know lol), I was never too into bikes or riding bikes. Especially since, the city i grew up in, Altadena/Pasadena, California, a suburb outside of Los Angeles, is built in mountains and on hills. You would have to be in superior shape and love biking in order to make it up the hills. Going down is always the fun part! So when i got to Europe, i was surprised to see the bike as a major mode of transportation and a huge part of Life. Not only does the demographic of most European cities allow this to be possible with everything relatively close, but it seems to fit the very culture and mindset of Europeans. They live a very modest life, the apartments aren’t big, which makes the refrigerators smaller. You’d be hardpressed seeing an Escalade or Navigator on a cobblestone road seemingly designed specifically for Mini Coopers, Audi TT’s, and Porsches. And most importantly, no one would know what kind of outfit you dawned for the day if you didn’t get out and enjoy the unpolluted air.

The government has also made it more effecient for the bike to sustain its importance in transportation. Here in Germany, it’s very expensive to get a driver’s license and then to actually purchase a car, which deters the average family from pursuing vehicular transportation. The streets adhere to those bike riders much much more than in the States. They have bike lanes everywhere, from the small towns to the major cities with convenient bike racks about every kilometer that hold an average of 100 bikes. (yes i counted, test me) The bike enthusiasts are required, like the cars, to use signals whenever riding in the streets and each bike must have a working bell.

Oh man, the bell! I have a love/hate relationship with the bike bell. My first time in Munich i was taken on a bike tour around the city for three hours. They explained to us the basic rules and regulations of bike riding in Europe and the only rule i think i heard was, “if any pedestrian is on the bike lane or if any bike is moving slower than you are, ring the bell and they’ll move.” I loved it! Until I became one of the pedestrians and forgot where i was. The bells drove me completely insane. The other modes of transportation in Europe make it even more effecient and ideal to ride a bike.

You can get on a bus with your bike. And not always do you have to put it on the front or rear racks of the bus, but i’ve seen some get ON the bus with bike in tow. It’s also the same way on the trains which is the best mode of transportation in Europe because of its speed and the distance it covers. To be able to travel from country to bikingandsmokingcountry with a duffel bag, your passport, and a bike is amazing to me.

There’s no limit to who you’ll see riding a bike either. The two biggest characteristics i have adopted to my life from the European way of living is their fashion (which i was already intrigued by) and their humble and modest living. You’ll catch anyone from a CEO of a major company, a leading Art Center director, to a great grandmother grocery shopping, or a young socialite, pedaling their way to a destination. Biking is just the intelligent, cool, cost effecient way to get from point A to point B.

I’ve seen the affect and effect biking can have on an individual.
1) You have to possess some self-confidence to ride a bike. You’re exposed to the world! 2) It keeps you healthy, young, and in shape. Though everything is relatively close, to bike there still isn’t easy. Driving there just wouldn’t make sense. 3) It makes you look so much cooler. From fashion to function, it’s so much more personal riding a bike, which makes it so cool. I’ve never seen a suit in so much activity until i got to Europe. 4) You keep a lot more Euro in your pocket. Because the average bike is only 150 euro and to fill the innertube with air at any gas station will dig 50 cent deep into your pockets. The maintenance in riding a bike is staying in shape. No registration fees, no license necessary, no parking permits needed. Just you, your bike, a bike lock, and a plastic bag to place over the seat in case it rains or snows lol.

In my quest to live here permanently, for so many reasons, the culture, the atmosphere, the people, the humble and modest living, the Euro and Pound (both being stronger than the dollar), The Bike would be the glue that would hold my average, everyday life together in Europe.

a more in-depth article will be in my upcoming eMagazine, the Sophisticate™, February!
photographs taken from the Sartorialist


30 Dec

2002, every single morning that year (at least), me and my big brother Mandalay Jay listened to Jay-Z’s All Around the World on our way to do whatever. And just reminiscing on those moments in my black ’96 Honda Civic coupe, i remember just wanting to experience life and culture. And here i am in Germany via California… CALIFORMANY!! and my big bro has his own management company, thanks for the inspiration bro. Shot out to A Different Cloth, Push! Montana & the rest of the Brooklyn family!

Lionel Richie’s All Around the World is dedicated to and inspired by my mother. She never said that “i can” or that “i could” but that “i would” and “i will” so i must! Please listen watch that entire video too by the way. the beautiful woman playing the saxophone and the gentleman playing the violin, murdered their duet!!

also, Jay-Z’s All Around the World drum cover was performed by sh*tbeat,  youtube him!

“das ist leben” – hmb

Frohe Wienachten!!

25 Dec


Merry Christmas to all from Straubing, Germany! This is my first Christmas abroad and i couldn’t have spent it in a better place with better people. Here in Germany they celebrate Christmas on the 24th and it’s actually pretty cool. It’s very family oriented and not AT ALL consumer oriented, which i love. They put all their focus on Christ which is what CHRISTmas is about… We sung carols as a family and they’ve fattened me up with food and treats like they were going to eat me later. I enjoyed it when i was eating but when i got full i started getting a little nervous… Anyway, since it’s Christmas, i’ll give y’all a little gift!

Make way for my eMagazine, the Sophisticate™, 1st issue at the end of January/beginning of February. As the time approaches i’ll let you in on more and more. Have a safe and Merry Christmas to all in the World!!

God bless,


20 Dec


Wow… i’ve reached 1000 intrigued guests to my blog. i know, nothing major to you but you must realize that there are so many blogs in the world that those people could’ve spent their time and for whatever reason they decided to read what i’ve experienced, learn, or come across.

What’s even more exciting for me is that the blog has only been in existence for a little over 2 months. With no promotion, marketing, special guests appearances or anything other than what’s on my mind to gravitate people toward my blog, i feel like 1000 guests is an amazing acheivement.

So… to let you in on a little upcoming venture in conjuction with this blog, i plan to take the theme to another level. That’s the best way i can put it without letting out too much. if you enjoyed the blog, you’ll definitely enjoy this upcoming project. GUARANTEED!

thank you for all of those who stopped by to share their intellect or partake in mine, lol!

— hmb

Vogue, Don’t Walk!

20 Dec


Though i’ve renounced my “sneakerheadism” (i’m still on Niketalk) there still remains some residue. Of course, no one can just go without a good pair of sneakers so i bring to you my ‘go-to’ brand these days, True Ambition. Solid material blends, complimenting colorways, and a sophisticated structure. These shoes haven’t really even blown up yet, which is why the La Verdad is only $85 ($75 for the lowtops.) i don’t usually give out brands that i like, so don’t say i’ve never put you on something, lol! Guess its the sneakerhead in me. check their newly updated collection here.

bontoni2i’m not too fond of fashion trends so i don’t know when the wingtip ever went out of style to have to make a re-appearance, but the classic shoe in my opinion is a fashion staple along with the cashmere cardigan. This hand-made, wingtip is brought to you by Bontoni, an Italian shoemaker, owned and operated by Lewis S. Cutillo and Franco Gazzani has blossomed in the last 5years making itself an elite brand of shoe. “For the gentlemen who prefers to wear his individuality somewhere other than his sleeve.” Sometimes, you just have to wear these with no socks. Sidenote: if you have to ask the price… it won’t be nice!

hol-jet-moc-linen-alligator-trimSoon to be an hmb staple, Harrys of London’s linen Jet Moc with Alligator trim, is a Jetsetter’s essential. A few things i’ve learned to have while jetsetting is a duffel bag (hence the name hmb) with selected goodies, an unstructured blazer for all intensive purposes, a nice polo shirt (preferably Lacoste or RL Polo), some nice slacks, i prefer the light khaki (wrinkle free), and now the HOL mocassin slides. Because man do your feet hurt walking form terminal to terminal! These won’t run you much ($235 lol) for what you’ll get out of them. They’re a true investment for a true Jetsetter!


i’m a firm believer in every fashionably inclined person having atleast one piece of apparel that either: 1) standouts, pushes the envelope, is eclectic, just plain different, or that no one else would even bother purchasing or attempt to try to make work. And Kiroic has made that article of fashionry for me. I love this Hi-top Shlandal (Shoe – Sandal) especially for the summer time in Los Angeles. The thong sandal is nice but it can hurt and leave unsitely marks between the toes. Also, i better not see anyone dawning a pair of Chincletas (spell check please). i don’t care how much money you make. This shlandal has both ankle support, style, and gives those dawgs much needed air circulation to breathe after getting off that 14hour flight from Munich, lol! No price on these, but who cares. You either cop ’em or you don’t!! Sidenote: Kiroic has an assortment of styles and colorways too…

ysltributeplatformFor the sophisticated woman… the YSL Tribute Platform… Goodness Gracious!


10 Dec

ludwig strasse


Corinne Bailey Rae – Munich