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8 Feb


The leading cause of sudden death in American athletes is a genetic disorder called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which by some estimates affects roughly one in 500 people. Like weeds that overrun an unkempt yard, the heart muscle fibers proliferate rapidly and in a disorganized manner, often leading to a tripling or quadrupling in heart size during adolescence (see a picture here). People with HCM usually have no idea this is happening until they’re exercising one day and the electrical system in the heart suddenly fails. The heart takes on the appearance of a bag of worms struggling to get free (a problem called ventricular fibrillation), and cardiac arrest occurs.

read the entire MSN article here by Darshak Sanghavi


Win or Lose

2 Jan

happysadI’m often on WebMD searching for different synopses on lowering high-blood pressure for my mom, if there are any new amino acids a mad scientist created that would give me more energy and strength during games, or what Amazonic dingleberry root extract will stimulate the molecular structure of the cell that leads to eyebrow restoration, and i came across a very interesting article on the facial expressions made by blind athletes and athletes with sight after having won or lost a contest. As an athlete i was intrigued, but i think everyone can appreciate this article if for nothing more than a reminder that we’re all people. Despite the segregation we’ve created  through race, language, culture, age, gender, nationality, etc. the common denominator and only factor is, WE’RE ALL PEOPLE!!

check out the article on WebMD.