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Cedric Smith Photography

23 Sep

Sweet Potatoes

please check out some more of Cedric Smith’s photography_ a still visual genius!


Tiger Woods Dubai

23 Sep


This picture doesn’t even do this place justice. The project, namely The Tiger Woods Dubai, is an exclusive lifestyle community scheduled for completion by late 2009. The spectacular Al Rawaya Golf Course serves as its focal point.

Spread across an area of 55million square feet, The Tiger Woods Dubai will be an exclusive golf community featuring a professionally-staffed golf academy, a clubhouse spread across 139,000 square feet with premium amenities, a high-end boutique hotel, a premium destination spa, 75 mansions, 22 palaces, and 100 luxury villas.

The Tiger Woods Dubai will soon be one of the most sought-after destinations in the world, and will be a genuine oasis for those lucky enough to live or stay within its spectacular grounds, said Tiger Woods.

The Brooklyn Circus

18 Apr



Astonishing line, Inspiring blog. Simply the way fashion is suppose to be!

His Airness

11 Apr

Paul Robeson: A Renaissance Man

29 Mar


Paul Robeson was the epitome of the 20th-century Renaissance man. He was an exceptional athlete, actor, singer, cultural scholar, author, and political activist. His talents made him a revered man of his time, yet his radical political beliefs all but erased him from popular history. Today, more than one hundred years after his birth, Robeson is just beginning to receive the credit he is due.

Born in 1898, Paul Robeson grew up in Princeton, New Jersey. His father had escaped slavery and become a Presbyterian minister, while his mother was from a distinguished Philadelphia family. At seventeen, he was given a scholarship to Rutgers University, where he received an unprecedented twelve major letters in four years and was his class valedictorian. After graduating he went on to Columbia University Law School, and, in the early 1920s, took a job with a New York law firm. Racial strife at the firm ended Robeson’s career as a lawyer early, but he was soon to find an appreciative home for his talents.

Check out one of his documentaries here.
Also, look up his 1998 Documentary ‘Speak of me as i am’

Aubrey Drake Graham

25 Feb


Drake is a phenomenal rapper and from where i can see, a pretty down-to-earth and intriguing individual apart from his professions. i had the opportunity to be introduced to his music by a young friend of mine and fell in love with the artistic integrity on Drake’s mixtape “Room For Improvement.” Since then, i’ve followed him and his career and have enjoyed his growth as an artist thus far. He’s just released his latest mixtape, So Far Gone, which is available for download on his blog October’s Own. And since his popularity is increasing this will most likely be the last time i blog on Mr. Graham. Check his interview out with Complex below.

Complex talks with Drake

Sade Adu

9 Feb


“When i was led to you… i knew you were the one for me! i swear the whole world, could feel my heart beat!”